In support of the BLM Movement and BIPOC I have created this collection to help raise awareness and funds for various organisations assisting in the dismantling of racist systems in our society and ending oppression for Black people.

The 3 organisations I have chosen to donate to are:

Sisters Inside Inc. who advocate for criminalised women and children in Australia. They pay outstanding fines for women who are unable to which avoids them being unnecessarily sent to prison. Homeless Indigenous women and youths are the most effected by this law. 

Black Rainbow Australia who are an advocacy and community building organisation for the LGBTQI+ indigenous peoples. They offer mini grants for Indigenous people to arrange LGBTQI+ friendly events to strengthen their community.

Grandmothers Against Removal which is a grassroots organisation against the instant removal of FN children from their families & cultures by child protective services. Their aim is to prevent another Stolen Generation of Indigenous children as they are often removed and placed with white families.