BLM | Full Turban Black
BLM | Full Turban Black
BLM | Full Turban Black
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BLM | Full Turban Black

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In support of the BLM Movement and BIPOC I have created this collection to help raise awareness and funds for various organisations assisting in the dismantling of racist systems in our society and ending oppression for Black people.

$20 from every Black Turban sold will be donated to Sisters Inside Inc. who advocate for criminalised women and children in Australia. They pay outstanding fines for women who are unable to which avoids them being unnecessarily sent to prison. Homeless Indigenous women and youths are the most effected by this law. 

- Stretch Pleated Knit with Polyester Lining
- Measures approximately 20"/52cm around (my head is 22"/56cm)
- Slip straight on, no tying necessary
- $20 from every sale goes to Sisters Inside Inc.


Black in the Indigenous Australian Flag represent the Aboriginal People.

Handmade in Brisbane by Mae Rose